Our Proud History

What is the Bucks County Fire Chiefs and Firefighters Association?

We are an association of Bucks County’s finest and most skilled volunteer fire companies. We have joined forces in the creation of www.bucksfire.org to recruit the best possible volunteers in order to keep all of Bucks County safe and protected. We are a group of people from different backgrounds with the common goals of leadership, communication, experience and training. We are eager to have you join one of our fire stations or departments!

Rooted in History

Founded in 1913, the Bucks County Fire Chiefs Association formed as a way for local leaders to share best practices and techniques with their colleagues countywide. The Association eventually founded the first annual Bucks County Fire School in 1957, where firefighters from across the county gathered to learn the latest firefighting techniques while using the latest technology and tools.

Commitment to Education

The Bucks County Fire Chiefs and Firefighters Association remains as committed to training and education as it was when it was founded more than a century ago. The Association offers routine training and education opportunities to its member stations, as well as monthly meetings at which  first responders can share experiences with one another.

Safety Is the Top Priority

The Association works tirelessly with its members to ensure that all first responders work in the safest environment possible. Programs include fire demonstrations, equipment tutorials, new operational procedures and safety standards as well as hands-on practice with emergency equipment in a simulated environment. Our members protect their communities, and the Association works to protect its members.

Scholarship Opportunities

In addition to networking and training, the Bucks County Fire Chiefs and Firefighters Association also provides scholarships to members attending college or those members who require special training. Scholarships are awarded in the spring to worthy applicants and can be used to reduce the cost of continuing education.


The Association hands out Valor Awards every year to first responders and emergency service providers who perform above and beyond the call of duty.

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The Association acts as a central hub for Bucks County first responders to ensure that its members receive the best training while making sure all equipment and personnel meet national standards for readiness and safety.

If you are or were an emergency responder, and you want to share the latest techniques and trends with your department and members, the Bucks County Fire Chiefs and Firefighters Association encourages you to join the association and attend its meetings. The Association offers an excellent networking opportunity to share experiences from multiple levels of emergency service. Visit www.buckscandff.com to learn more.