The Work We Do

Becoming a volunteer firefighter takes time, effort and dedication. However, the benefits of saving lives and making your community a better place is worth every minute and every ounce of effort.

Here are some of the other benefits of becoming a Bucks County volunteer firefighter:

  • The satisfaction that comes with knowing you are an important part of keeping your community safe.
  • Cultivating new skills that can help in all facets of your life and prepare you for a possible new career.
  • Working as a team and building lasting relationships and friendships.
  • A sense of belonging.
  • Getting your hands dirty and being in the middle of the excitement.
  • Receiving college credits for training.
  • Possibly receiving state tax credits.
  • Getting free training!

If you dreamed about becoming a firefighter as a child, make your vision a reality by volunteering today.


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