Save. Protect. Serve.father_daughter_volunteers

We are parents, teachers, friends and neighbors. We are also volunteer firefighters, committed to safeguarding our communities within Bucks County, Pa.

We need you!

In fact, your local Bucks County fire department or station has an opportunity for you now!

Imagine making a difference in the lives of others in your community. Opportunities and training are available for:

  • Firefighting Operations: Explore the exciting world of firefighting and receive the training to do it safely. As a firefighter, you will do the work necessary to advance the hose line, to perform search and rescue, and to position ladders strategically.
  • Rescue Operations: As part of Rescue Operations, you will respond to specialized calls, including auto accidents, carbon monoxide alarms and rescue calls.
  • Fire Police: Fire police assist in traffic management and crowd control, and provide general assistance at emergency scenes.

Browse the site and fill out an inquiry form to have a local station contact you with details on the great opportunities and advantages that come along with volunteering!